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Auto Insurance

Where we take care of all your insurance needs under one roof.

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Auto Insurance

At Good Life Insurance, we are dedicated to finding you the BEST coverage at the LOWEST rate.

What does car insurance cover?

  • Bodily Injury

  • Injury to you or someone else

  • Collision

  • Damage to someone else's car

  • Property Damage Liability

  • Damaged property

We insure ALL:

  • Autos

  • Classic cars

  • Rv’s

  • Boat’s

  • Motorcycle

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low cost auto insurance

We know it's easy to find just any coverage, but if you are underinsured this could mean big problems in the future. We look out for ALL of our members providing them with the best coverage possible while also finding any discounts they may be eligible for.
We search through major and non-standard carriers to find you the BEST coverage. With Good Life Insurance, you will have a dedicated agent that will assist you at all times. No matter what the case may be, we want to make sure you feel the personal  connection with an agent when asking questions, filing claims, or anything else.

Understand your auto insurance coverage options

We have broken down some common coverages to help understand the terms.

Medical Payments

You're hurt in a car accident and need to take an ambulance to the hospital. This will help cover the cost.

Property Damage

Bodily Injury Liability

You're at fault in a collision where someone hurts their wrist. This can help cover their medical expenses.

You back out of your driveway and hit your neighbors fence (it happens). The cost to repair the fence can be covered.

Helpful Articles

What Happens If You Get a Speeding or Parking Ticket in Another State

May 1, 2022 - For many drivers who travel for work or go on vacation frequently, out-of-state travel can involve dealing with different laws and speed limits, inconvenient or unusual parking scenarios and the threat of receiving a speeding or parking ticket.


Learn More About Traffic School and How It Could Save You Money

June 1, 2022 - Going to traffic school might sound a bit overwhelming, but most people don’t know that voluntarily completing a traffic school program can potentially help lower your auto insurance premium. Learn more about what is involved with going to traffic school, and how it can help save you money!


Stay Safe Year-Round By Keeping Important Items In Your Vehicle

The best drivers are prepared for anything, no matter what conditions they’re driving in. Be ready for any emergency by keeping these essential items in your vehicle – you never know what you’ll need when you’re on the road!


What Should I Do If My Car Breaks Down?

Even with the most diligent car maintenance, an unexpected vehicle breakdown can still catch you by surprise. In the event of a breakdown, make sure you know what to do next to ensure that you stay safe until help arrives. Keep reading to learn more about important next steps to take after your car breaks down.



It’s something we often take for granted because we do it every day on the road, but changing lanes can be stressful, especially if you’re driving in heavy traffic. To ensure you’re being as safe as possible on the road, refresh your memory on safety tips when changing lanes and merging!


Tips for Taking Clear, Accurate Photos Following An Accident

After an accident occurs, it’s critical that you take clear photos of the scene. If the accident results in a legal case or insurance claim, you’ll want to make sure you have good photographic evidence. To ensure your photos are as useful as possible, follow the tips below.


What Should I Do If My Car Gets Towed?

It’s a common mistake: you may not have noticed the “No Parking” sign, or you might have thought that nobody would notice that you were parked illegally while you ran into the store for just one thing. Coming back to find that your car is in the process of being towed (or has already been towed) is not fun, but following the correct steps can help you get your car back to you as quickly as possible.

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